Driving License Issuance Management System

Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) automates the processes for driving license issuance, renewal and upgrades. These activities are carried out throughout the province of Punjab. This system provides quick processing service to public and up to date statistics to the authorities by using state of the art technology and equipment. The system redefines the issuance process of all types of licenses by using a centralized network and liberates the driver to get the license issued or renewed from any Driving Licensing Authority across the province.

Salient Features

Below mentioned benefits of DLIMS System:

  • Centralized issuance and management of driving licenses
  • Centralized issuance and management of challan ticketing system
  • Automation of the driving license system 
  • Delivery of Issued Licenses to applicants at doorsteps 
  • Automation of driving tests to make sure transparent licensing
  • Centralized driving license printing facility
  • Management of license renewals 
  • Monitoring the driving license forgery
  • Tracking and on-the-spot verification of Licenses 
  • Monitoring traffic violation revenues
  • Providing the License ID number for integration with the taxation system 
  • Enabling effective policing 
  • Efficient controlling over traffic Crimes
  • Driving license holder are able to renew driving license from any district in Punjab