Inspector General of Police Punjab

Traffic Police Punjab is striving to adopt the best standards and practices for the improvement of traffic system. Traffic Police Punjab has launched a website in order to educate the general public about the road safety measures and traffic rules. This website will guide the general public about the functioning of the organization and provide all relevant information of the traffic concerns.

Citizen can also provide feedback & suggestions and launch complaints through this website. Police Department will be able to ensure the smooth traffic management with the liaison of general public. I appreciate Traffic Police staff for their effort to establish contact with general public through modern technology.

Faisal Shahkar

Head of Traffic Police Punjab

It is indeed our endeavor to ensure the safety of road users and help them in distress. Our main emphasis is on improving the professional behavior of officials and to groom them in a manner that they feel pride to perform duties with great respect, honor and diligence. Besides grooming the officials, the next most important objective is capacity building and adequate facilitation to ensure the effective performance.

As a Commander of the force, my job is to facilitate the subordinates and provide the necessary assistance for the smooth delivery of duties. The shortcomings have been reviewed which are mostly concerning to human resource management, provision of logistics and imparting appropriate trainings of the officials. In this regard comprehensive proposals have been sent to the Government of Punjab for the approval.

Adequate programmes will be launched to improve the quality of the organization viz-a-viz the services of the officials. Traffic Police Punjab will appreciate any feedback from the general public, which may include any suggestion for the improvement of the performance of the Traffic Police in the entire province.

Abdul Kareem