Future Plans – Way Forward

Composite Plans

The following are the composite plans that are going to be execute in near future:

  • Reorganization of traffic police system
  • Redefinition of traffic beats, sectors and circles
  • Identification of choke points
  • Planning of permanent/temporary diversions
  • Revision of one-ways
  • Removal of encroachments
  • Revision of staff deployments
  • Proper placements for vacant posts
  • Equipping traffic police with adequate resources
  • On job trainings for traffic police officials
  • Strict supervision, monitoring and accountability over performance
  • Improving the coordination with other allied departments i.e. PTA/DRTAs/MVEs, transport department, excise & taxation department, development authorities, C&W department, TEPA, city district governments, education department , environment department and district police/PHP
  • Segregation and proper markings for fast lane and slow moving lanes on roads/highways
  • Improvement of slip roads, bus bays, flyovers, under passes,  service roads, raised-medians
  • Provision of road markings, road signs, traffic signals, cat eyes, CCTV cameras
  • Installation of speed monitoring devices and traffic signals in urban/highway areas
  • Identification of sites and construction of parking plazas/lots
  • Campaign against encroachments  
  • Campaign against suspicious / fake registration number plates
  • Improvement in the procedure of test and issuance of driving licenses
  • Zero tolerance for the enforcement of traffic laws
  • Regulation of traffic on choke points
  • Provision of speed monitoring squad on highways
  • Promotions of traffic awareness programs

Way Forward

  • Overage officials of all ranks should be replaced with young officials
  • Fresh recruitments for constables & assistant sub-inspectors  
  • Provision of assistance to improve the field work of traffic wardens with the support of constables, HCs & assistant sub-inspectors   
  • Traffic police should be given 25% of the generated revenue for welfare
  • 25% of the generated revenue should be utilized on road safety
  • Establishment of drivers training schools for the training of commercial/ PSV/private drivers
  • Allocation of funds for the education and awareness of traffic police
  • Inclusion of traffic education in school curriculum e.g. Basic concepts, traffic rules and regulations, traffic safety tips and procedure of driving license
  • Establishment of driving school at divisional headquarters with private public partnership
  • Mass transit solutions, Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS)
  • Introduction to Intelligent Traffic System (ITS)